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Meadow Seed Mix

Meadow Seed Mix

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A blend of grains, grasses, and pollinator plants selectively chosen to build the foundation for a meadow.


Contains: jockey oats, highway mix, buckwheat, flax, red/white clover, pearl millet, goldenrod, aster, knapweed, queen anne's lace, threadleaf plantain, various grasses, liatris, lamb's ear, ruby red Swiss chard, ligularia, daisy, BES, Iris, St. John's wort, dandelion, flax clover, red clover, fall rye, jockey oats, buckwheat.

1 lb = 1000 square feet

Planting Instructions:

  • Scratch up soil
  • Broadcast the seeds with 2-inch spacing
  • Dampen seeds
  • Cover with hay or straw
  • Transplant after germination
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