About Instructor

Meet our CEO, Rosmarie Lohnes, whose deep-rooted connection to nature has shaped her journey towards sustainable living. From her early years, Rosmarie nurtured food gardens, immersing herself in the wonders of nature, finding joy, curiosity, and wisdom. Driven by her passion for the environment and inspired by the interconnectedness of our world, Rosmarie dug even deeper, delving into the realms of ecological design and sustainable practices. Her dedication to creating a better future is contagious and ignites inspiration. 
Rosmarie Lohnes is one of North America’s leading experts in protecting priceless coastal properties from erosion. She is the founder, President & CEO of Helping Nature Heal, an award-winning ecological restoration company. HNH has been recognized globally for its design, build and consulting work, mitigating shoreline erosion and preserving coastal ecosystems. Rosmarie pioneered the Shoreline Erosion Management system, which has helped hundreds of homeowners protect their properties from coastal erosion. 
Rosmarie’s work has been featured in dozens of media outlets across North America. She has a B.A. in Conservation and Environmental Studies from York University with prior studies in Architectural Design and further training in Horticulture as Therapy, Ecological Landscape Design, Shoreline Erosion, Master Gardener and Landscape Management.

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