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Comprehensive LIVING SHORELINE & UPLAND SUMMARY (prices indicated on map)

Comprehensive LIVING SHORELINE & UPLAND SUMMARY (prices indicated on map)

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🌊 Looking to safeguard your shoreline and upland areas? Look no further than our Living Shoreline & Upland Summary and Reports! 🏞️

For smaller properties like private residences, our succinct 10-page Summary is the perfect solution. With 4 hours of dedicated research, this condensed overview is customized to meet your specific requirements while echoing the comprehensive information found in our larger reports. Pricing for this option can be found on the map.

Discover our comprehensive reporting options tailored to your property's needs. For expansive properties like community groups, municipalities, or NGOs, unlock a wealth of insights with our detailed 100-page report. With 40 hours of meticulous research and crafting, we leave no stone unturned in providing you with a thorough understanding of your shoreline and upland environments. Additional pricing will be added to the base amount found on the map to reflect hours for research. 

Step 1: Environmental site visit

We will visit your site to collect data such as measurements, slope, native species present and degree of erosional activity. Drone services is included.

Step 2: Living Shoreline & Upland Summary

Within 2- 3 weeks, you will receive a detailed summary outlining the major concerns, and our recommendations. If you've upgraded to our report, please expect to receive it within 4-6 weeks.

Step 3: Living Shoreline Installation

Once details are finalized, our skilled team will install your Living Shoreline. The timeframe to get started depends on our schedule.

Step 4: Living Shoreline Stewardship & Monitoring

This includes regular shoreline maintenance and post-storm restoration.


Please find our zoned estimates for our drone site visits in photo.

Please contact for more cost information.

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