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An award winning and powerful soil booster rich in essential nutrients and minerals ethically harvest from the land and sea to ensure every plant thrives naturally. 

Benefits: Bigger root growth, substantial improvement in fruit quality

and quantity, bigger, brighter flowers, healthier plants, and increased longevity.


Ingredients: This product contains mycorrhizal fungi and seaweed.


Instructions: Shake well before opening, in a well-ventilated area.

Shake 3 times onto open soil, plant, and water.

Use 3 shakes per 1-gallon plant.


The contents of this shaker will feed up to 35 (1-gallon) plants.


Precautions: This product contains viable spores of mycorrhizal fungi

and may cause adverse effects in sensitive individuals.


Use only as directed: Do not ingest or inhale, and avoid skin contact.

This product may contain live organisms.

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